Friday, April 11, 2014

FF Friday Vol II

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Happy Friday. As I'm still recovering from a painful nerve block please enjoy these little facts about me. I feel the nerve block was bothced (no anesthesia=lots of pain & long recovery.

1. I love designer jeans. The most I've paid for a pair of jeans is $350. I have a bin of designer jeans that are too big for me (the $350 pair among them). That bins contains over aprrox $1,500 worth of jeans. I'm insane.

2. I love fashion and after college while waiting for a job in biotech I worked as a visual merchandiser for 2 years. Yep, I dressed mannequins, merchandised the store, put together suggested outfits with accessories, etc. Loved it so much after finding a "grown up" job I continued on part time for 8 more years.

3. Due to medication I have a lot of issues; double vision, short term memory loss, lack of focus/concentration just to name a few. After reading posts I'm always finding errors and I find myself editing each post like 50 times. So annoying.

4. I don't have a personal Facebook profile. I do have a Facebook page for my blog but I'm not really sure how Facebook works. I'm a mean Instagramer though.

5. I put milk in my tea.

6. I'm a huge procrastinator; I was the one in college up all night cramming for exams.

7. I have/had a photographic memory (or at least I did before I developed short-term memory loss due to medication).

8. I prefer Sephora over Ulta for makeup and skincare.

9. I'm a self-processed Essie nail polish hoarder.

10. After seeing Gisele in a pair of amazing Ray Ban sunglasses I knew I had to have them. They are the classic Wayfarer in 54mm polarized. Through my amazing shopping skills I got mine 50% off. Can't wait for them to arrive.

11. I have so many free make up and skin deluxe size products I don't need to shop for either for at least 6 months. Sephora is amazing.

12. I'm attempting to teach myself to crochet a baby blanket for my unborn niece. I've only ripped it out about 5,000 times. Good thing I'm tenacious.

13. I can't believe my wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.  No clue what we will plan.

14. I'm currently debating an anti-inflammatory diet. Is anyone on one or know anything about them?

15. I have started doing oil pulling in the morning with coconut oil. Though I'm not convinced it will pull out any toxins it's at least whitening my teeth.

16. Mr.Surly and I recently finished a show on Netflix called The Borgias. It stars Jeremy Irons and is one of the best series I've seen since in awhile; scandal, corruption, everything that makes a show great. Plus a hottie son, played by Francois Arnaud. Lord Almighty hand me some ice and a fan.

Showtime cancelled the fourth season so I've become a huge advocate to get a Season 4, 10 episodes already written. I need more Cesare! (Francois). Season 3's ending left everyone hanging.

17.Has anyone watched any good movies on Netflix or Amazon Instant? I need some good movies to watch.

18. Mr.Surly and I have already blazed through Mad Men Season 6 on Netflix. We don't like to watch it on tv because we like to have it all at once. Same thing with The Walking Dead, if I see a promo for the next episode I change the channel. I like them all at once; I don't want to be left hanging for a week til the next episode (can you tell I'm an instant gratification kinda girl?)

19. I'm ready for spring. I want sunshine and warm temperatures. You southerners keep your mouths shut, I still check my old southern forecast on my phone (since it's already in my weather app) and it makes me sad. I could be sitting in 70s instead of 50s. Oh, well, it will get to those temps (eventually) here.

20. I got new glasses this week. Mr.Surly says I look trendy without trying too hard. Can't bring myself to post a selfie of me in them yet. The frames make me feel like a "stupid hipster dufus" (name that show the quote came from).

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Carmi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm doing oil pulling, too!! Haha.
Kris Carr is a great resource for all things diet related, in regards to anti - inflammatory, she has two books out and a crazy sexy cool blog.
I'll have to catch the netflix show you just finished....I too love Sephora, and want to learn to knit, crochet, and quilt as well - funny I too was going to start with baby blankets

surly kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Carmi I hope u like the borgias!

Funny, us both getting crafty in our "old age" ;)

I have a YouTube channel for knitting; One Stitch a Day. Both crochet & knitting. I know how to knit just not crochet.

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