Monday, February 6, 2012

Champagne Cocktails

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Mr.Surly and I love sparkling wine from L.Mawby winery in Michigan. While on vacation in Michigan last August, we bought a case of wine (Cremant and Sandpiper).

I have always wanted champagne coupe glasses and for Christmas, much to my delight, we received some.


Inside the box, there was a piece of paper telling the story of New York's Stork Club and its signature drink, the champagne cocktail.


We tried it and it's actually pretty tasty. I was a bit dubious about the sugar cube, so I substituted a tsp of sugar in each glass...


...then added a few dashes of the bitters (which I found at SuperTarget in the mixer aisle)...


coupe4 it's time to pour in the champagne sparkling wine...


...and, finally, the twist of lemon...

coupe3 you're ready to toast and enjoy.


This drink has a pinkish hue (from the bitters)it would be a nice cocktail to serve to your Valentine.

The only think that isn't clear from the recipe is whether you are supposed to add more sugar and bitters when refilling your coupe. I guess it's up to personal taste and preference.

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